Inventors’ Month which used to be held in August is now being held in May. Appeals were made by Edison Nation, Inventors Digest, supporters and founders of National Inventors Month.  May will now represent a month long celebration of invention and creativity. Inventors’ Month started in 1998 and promotes the positive image of inventors and the real contributions they give to this world.

In 1998 the public, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the inventing community at large accepted August as Inventors’ Month because it was a slow press month and represented a few historical inventions such as the diesel engine, calculator, television and motorcycle.

Moving Inventors’ Month to May better aligns the academic calendar and allows more opportunities for youth to become aware of the vital contributions inventors have made and continue to make for society. The move also coincides with the annual National Inventors Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, held each May in Washington, D.C.

Inventors Month