Smit & Van Wyk, Inc. is a specialist legal practice dealing exclusively with intellectual property and patent law in South Africa. Our fields of practice encompass all aspects relating to patents, trade marks, industrial designs and franchising, including litigation, as well as providing advice on the commercial rights attached to each of these forms of protection.

The patent attorneys at our firm are skilled in their fields of practice and can provide clear advice on complex legal matters to clients from all over the world. Our experienced support staff, aided by state-of-the-art software, ensure that we remain efficient and up to date.


Patent Applications South Africa

If you have come up with a unique and new invention, you should protect it with a patent. A patent gives you the exclusive right to produce and sell the invention for a certain period of time. A patent is a document that contains a comprehensive description of your...

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The Patent Cooperation Treaty

The Patent Cooperation Treaty, known in short as PCT, was established in 1970 by several member states as an international law treaty to provide a unified manner for patent application filing. The Patent Cooperation Treaty also endeavours to protect patented...

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Fathers of the Internet

Donald Watts Davies, Vinton Gray Cerf and Bob Kahn co-invented the two original protocols of the Internet protocol suite, TCP/IP protocols in 1973, and are considered to be the Fathers of Internet. Internet pioneer Vinton Gray Cerf was born on 23 June 1943 and is...

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